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Name: nor
Are you over 15? 22 im getting SO OLD
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Name: Mao
Canon and Medium: Disgaea 3, the Disgaea Universe. It's a Japanese Strategical RPG with a plot that plays like a wacky school rumble anime.
Age: 1578, reincarnated to 15.
Pre-Incarnation Species: Demon prince, son of the Overlord.
Pre-Incarnation Appearance: Concept Art!
Any Differences:
Mao will be starting with blond hair and boring blue eyes. He won't have his claws or his teeth or... anything that makes him remotely demonish. He also won't have his glasses or the scar on his forehead.
Starting Location: Vegas! Their dad owns a hotel and casino on the strip.

Pre-Incarnated History: Wikia!
Mao is the son of the Overlord who in his game is the Dean of Evil Academy in the Netherworld. Because of this, Mao grew up in school but... never went to school. He's the #1 Honor Student after all! In their world, since they're demons, "good" things like taking off your shoes and keeping quiet in the halls make you a delinquent and "bad" things like never coming to school and disrespecting teachers make you an honor student. The story begins with Mao wanting to kill his father, the Overlord, for smashing his Slaystation games and corrupting his 4 million hours of play time save on his games. To do this, Mao believes he has to become a hero of legend to attain the power of an Ovelord and reads comics and watches anime to learn about "Love" and "Justice" which are of course foreign concepts to demons. His butler Geoffrey helps him with these things. Along the way, he meets a human named Almaz who allegedly has a Hero's Title. Seeing as this is a video game with no four wall, Mao decides that to fast track his way to becoming a hero he'd just steal Almaz's title and be done with it.

It turns out that Almaz isn't a real hero though, he just made it up, so Mao goes to his heart (which is a physical touchable metaphor in this game) to take the title back and put his Overlord Spawn title back in. His heart is totally closed though! It's protected by different manifestations of his personalities, an "Evil" version of himself, and the "pure" version of himself True Heart Mao. Only Mao himself can learn to open his heart (super shounen nakama activate!) but it's gonna take a while. First they decide that to do this Mao needs to get the Legendary Dragon Egg and cook it sunny side up and eat it with hot sauce (not salt and pepper!) to open his heart and his longtime rival and best friend the super badass delinquent Raspberyl decides to help Mao out to find and crack it open. The end doesn't work (even if it is delicious) and the whole ordeal causes Mao to really hate hot sauce. This is a serious game. After that, they go through a few chapters challenging the sophmore and senior classes for power, and Mao finally finds out that his butler Geoffrey was his hero Super Hero Aurum all along! And that Geoffrey was grooming him the entire time to become an Overlord he could defeat.

Like his dad. Who's been dead the entire time thanks to Mao being a horrid brat. With the strength of his friends and learning (just a little) humility, Mao gains the strength and power to defeat Aurum. He doesn't kill him though, he uses him as a lab guinea pig for the rest of eternity. :) Mao becomes the Overlord and Dean of Evil Academy and lives the rest of his long eternal life like he always has, cameoing in other Disgaea games and being a general creepoid.
Reincarnated History:
Mao grew up the son of a man who broke into the casino business in his early twenties and soon had a chain of them down the central strip of Las Vegas, including one of the largest hotels in the city. From a young age, Mao was tested and found to be extremely intelligent, his IQ high enough to get him into MENSA easily. Him and his brother are both enrolled in private schooling that caters to his intellect but Mao really... doesn't care about going. Luckily, he's smart enough to ace his exams and get through scotch free without much effort. Mao is much more invested in taking his sweet time playing video games, reading comic books and manga, and watching anime and cartoons. He's extremely elitist about all of them. He collects merchandise from his fandoms from Japan and uses his sweet Casino Heir money to purchase it all. His room is covered in it and he maintains his status online in places like /a/ and r/animefigures. Mao is completely invested in being the hero to all his precious anime girlfriends if you know what I mean. Nano Shinonome is his waifu.

Laharl (
[personal profile] overlordkun) is his little brother in this AU, and their parents got divorced when Laharl was about seven. They visit their mother every year where she lives in New Jersey.
First Echo:
Over the summer, Mao literally stayed in his room the whole time. Living in a hotel, room service was key to the NEET life, and Mao used it to his full potential. He played his games and his online message boards and never talked to a single other person other than to screen at the house keepers or Laharl to be quieter.

Then, from outside his window, he saw the pink light shoot up over the horizon. Suddenly, the intense crippling hatred of Hot Sauce burned through him inexplicably. It made no sense! Why did he suddenly realize he hated hot sauce? He loved hot sauce!
Pre-Incarnation Personality:
Mao is a narcissist. There's no doubt about it, he cares about himself first and foremost. Even after developing and starting to truly care for his friends and the people around him, Mao is self absorbed and self involved. Mao only does things for himself, and dislikes helping others. Even when his best friend eternal rival is being held captive and brainwashed, he has to come up with an excuse just to go and save her. It's a fact of life as a prince and the son of the Overlord that Mao is selfish and needy. His main focus is on his own physical possessions like his Slaystation(R)Portable and his comic books and anime and when they're broken or mishandled or even just touched at some points Mao generally throws a giant childish tantrum. The entire early premise of the game is him wanting to kill his father because he stepped on his Slaystation and corrupted his 4 Million Hour save file. Mao also has no sense of personal space unless it comes to himself, often (literally) pushing his vassals and friends around, cutting them open, and being very violent and intrusive. One example of this is when he is examining whether or not Almaz has shown any signs of becoming a demon and Almaz very heavily implies that Mao cut him open and then shoved something up his ass (?!) all in the span of a few minutes time. This has a lot to do with demons not really getting what a fatal injury means but it also shows how selfish Mao is when it comes to other people and how he treats them like objects or toys instead of companions. When it comes to himself, Mao wants to be left alone and whines and freaks out when he's touched even if it's only a hug.

His selfishness does get a little better though. Over time through the game, Mao's Hero title effects him and makes him kinder and more thoughtful toward his friends. In the Bad Ending, Mao is so affected by his new friends dying that he becomes enraged and literally destroys the universe until there's nothing left but him and spends the rest of his eternity alone in a void. The kid can be pretty passionate! He keeps his bratty behavior for the most part, but he does learn to try. Emotional bonds are hard for him to experience because of how closed off his heart is but over time he can manage it. His difficulty with emotional bonds really stems from his relationship with his father and the guilt he feels over his fathers death. This is shown in loads of ways, but mostly the chapter where they encounter the "Maos Who Say Dad" inside of Mao's heart. They're sullen and sad, calling out for "daddy" and saying things like "dad I'm sorry!" over and over. This really hurts Mao and he hates looking at what his subconscious is becoming. This shows that he's closed off his heart to the point he's even blocked out the fact he's the reason his father is dead. When he accepts this part of him, he grows as a person. After the end game he will even stop experiments if his friends urge him to. He even learns to trust and protect lowly vassals like the Vatos Brothers after they risk their lives to save him. As his father says, Mao truly becomes worthy of being the Overlord. In a way, he also becomes worthy of his title as a Hero which is definitely a huge (if strange) accomplishment for a demonic being.

Despite what Mao may portray he's experienced, his upbringing was really very sheltered. As the son of the Overlord, Mao led a privileged life in Evil Academy and had nothing better to do with his time besides study and perfect his video games. His father is portrayed as a kind man, albeit a bit clumsy and demonic, who does everything he can to provide for his son and to keep him safe. Because of this, Mao is very spoiled. On top of his selfishness, Mao is just uncooperative at best and ultra violent at worst. He doesn't like playing with others and he holds grudges like no tomorrow. When Super Hero Aurum came to the Netherworld to defeat his father, Mao told him his father's weaknesses just because he had broken his video games and it lead to his father's death. As previously stated, he does feel massively guilty about it but it takes him so long to get around to admitting it was him that it's still incredibly self centered. He blocks out the memory just so he doesn't have to deal with it, and it takes the ""power of friendship"" to open it back up again and show him he was wrong. He feels regret for it, especially upon finding out that the only reason his father lost in the battle with Aurum was because he held back due to not wanting to hurt Mao who was close by, but he continues to be a self centered brat afterward. This just shows that he's growing up, not that he's becoming an adult. He has a lot of maturing to do still, but he's overcome the first hurdle and opened his heart to others.

Mao's weaknesses are important to point out as well. His relationship with Raspberyl in game really shows how Mao reacts to things and how he develops as a person. As previously stated, she's pretty much his best friend and he tends to involve her in things even when he'd rather not do anything. Raspberyl is a very proud, passionate person and yet Raspberyl stays around Mao consistently. They've been rivals since they were born, 1578 years ago, and she's been through his verbal abuse, his temper tantrums, his selfishness... she's even been experimented on by him and continues to come back and help him with things when she knows he needs a friend. This proves, I think, that Mao is a good person deep down. She puts up with him because she knows Mao has a good heart and that he's only trying to hide it because he thinks he has to be a perfect demon. She also is the first to comfort him when its revealed his father his dead, and is the first to suggest they leave Mao be when he talks to the spirit of his father at the end of the game. She understands Mao has a soft center and that he's actually very emotional under all of his grand standing. Mao hides all his pain and is stupid but he needs a support system of loving and caring friends who are by his side (because this is a shounen anime) and Raspberyl is the center of that. She has her own selfish reasons behind it, but it's also a defining feature for Mao's own self. Mao has a negative relationship with almost every character in the game and it really shows when you see a character like Raspberyl acting like this. Mao is verbally abusive and even physically abusive and yet there's someone who's willing to look into his heart and see he might not mean the things he says.

Given all of his behavior it seems unlikely but Mao does have a certain respect for his father. With the examples given in the Disgaea series, it seems reasonable and often encouraged that the child of an Overlord eventually challenges them to take their title but Mao never seems to want to do that. Of course he thinks it would be nice to be the Overlord and Dean over Evil Academy, but it's not his main goal. In the end, when Mao's father dies and says his last words to his son, Mao can barely accept that he's gone. Even though his main focus is killing his dad, it's obvious he doesn't actually want it to happen. This... doesn't really extend to anyone else though, not even his friends at end game, and Mao's respect is very hard to buy.

Any differences?:
Mirroring his canon 1.8 Million EQ (which is just an IQ but...evil?) Mao is off the charts when it comes to being a brain. He's not quite as smart, and he doesn't use his IQ for evil... mostly. Instead of vivisecting his friends and turning them into mecha, Mao is part of the American Chemical Society, MENSA, and builds robots in his spare time. He's less violent, and isn't... well, a demon. He was raised in human society and has a more human understanding of things that can hurt people and even kill them. If a human acted the way Mao does in canon they'd be labeled a psychopath and he's definitely not one in Save the Earth. He's more chill, even if he gets into loud arguments and always has to get his way, more focused on studying things and watching cartoons instead of going on long stupid quests to achieve pointless things.
Abilities: Wikia!
Mao's initial title in the game is Overlord Spawn, belaying his standing as the heir to the Netherworld and technically that he is a prince. Because of this, Mao is saddled with high level attack moves but also has the ability to use Ice Magic. He can use a sword, spear, axe, or staff and his Evillity boost is called Violent Courage. Because of this, Mao's attack boosts 3% with every enemy that's on the field, causing him to be more reckless and missing a lot but also packing quite a wallop on those he does manage to hit.

His signature moves are Blast Finger (I know you're laughing,) Shine Beam (which lets him shoot lasers from his eyes when taking off his glasses,) and Vasa Aergun (his demon transformation.)

Like all characters in Disgaea he can handle any weapon, but he specializes in Swords.
What kind of involvement would you like your character to have in Save the Earth?
Mao will eventually have the powers fit to destroy whole universes. He'll be handy in a fight and his brain will definitely be useful for information and just... knowing things. He's 15, so he might be slow to involve himself, but he'll still be a big help when it matters.

- Third Person:
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Mao is a very violent person. Because he's a demon and the severity of injury and illness is lessened, Mao treats hurting others as a game. As a (mad) scientist and as an immature child, Mao isn't above trying to vivisect other characters, experimenting on them, or anything else he deems exciting or fun at the time. Because of this he could be potentially triggering, but anything like that would obviously be handled between myself and the other mun before he did anything.